Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rootbeer Float Cakes

 My brothers and I were sitting at the soda shop drinking rootbeer floats when I ask the boys a question and get the funniest response from my brother Jaden. I thought that was so funny I have never forgotten it. So now when I go for root beer floats I always remember that time Jaden made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. These cakes remind me of my brother Jaden. It's his birthday today! We are going to enjoy these tasty floats with him for his birthday.

These are great! I added root beer instead of water along with root beer extract into the yellow cake batter. For the topping I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream and little dabs of cream cheese frosting with root beer drizzle. I made the root beer drizzle with sugar icing, root beer extract, butter, and milk.

I love the taste. It's like I imagined it to be. When you bite into it you get the taste of the root beer in the moist cake and the lovely flavour and chill of the vanilla ice cream. You get a bite of the frosting with the root beer drizzle on top. it's like a root beer float gone cupcake.

These are defiantly going to be added to the Baby Cake Menu. I give these an eight out of ten.

Baby Cake Testers Say: (in process of testing)


  1. So... What did Jaden say that was so funny? Happy birthday Jaden!

  2. I can't spell that french word he used. haha