Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes

Thanks for waiting so long for week four to end! These are chocolate strawberry shortcakes. Yet another cake added to the baby cake menu. These are tasty. These remind me of our family friend Alicia. We were speaking of cupcakes when I had learned of her love for strawberries. I was thinking of making the traditional shortcake into a cupcake when I realized that chocolate would be a bit more scrumptious.

I had the idea down but had seen a lady on The Food Network channel set up her cupcake in this way. As you can see I loved it and decided to do the same. I was going to take apart another cake to set on top but instead cut the top off and inserted the goods.

This is a chocolate cake mixed with chocolate chips and crushed strawberries. I then cut the top off and pipped in whipping cream having it spill out onto the rest of the cake. I then added freshly cut strawberries and put the cake top back on. I sprinkled on some powdered sugar, pipped on a dab more whipping cream then added a few more pieces of strawberry.

 The smell of fresh strawberries and whipped cream add to the enjoyment of the bite. The chocolate cake was very moist and had a hint of strawberry flavour, in the actual cake. The whipped cream wasn't to heavy and the bursting flavour of the freshly cut strawberry was delicious.

I have found that working with chocolate is allot easier then trying to figure out the white cakes in the Gluten free world. I will definitely make these again.

Baby Cake Testers Say: Cake nice and moist. Liked the whipped cream and lots of fresh strawberries. Good combo.