Monday, October 24, 2011

Chocolate Pumpkin Munchkins

The sun falls early all around. Warm coloured leaves fall to the ground. 
 Rain falls everywhere I look. Bookmarks falling into my books. Pumpkin flavoured everything.
Welcome fall, winters spring.

Made for:
These Chocolate Pumpkin Munchkins were made for my little munchkin! We made these and had them for breakfast. They taste even better left over.

How they were made:
I used gluten free Bisquick. I followed the pancake recipe (made it a little bit thicker). I added pureed pumpkin (yep from a can ;-) I also added pumpkin spice. You have to add more then you think you need in order to be able to really taste it. I like mine with a little more flavour. I then spooned the batter into a small plastic bag with a tiny piece cut off of a corner. I pipped the batter into the cute little donut maker molds.
Topping: I melted unsweetened dark chocolate morsels (double broiler) and dipped the tops of the wee little munchkins.

Taste:  When you bite into it you first get the bitter dark chocolate flavour then its soothed by the flavour of the pumpkin and pumpkin spice.  It's has the perfect amount of bitter and sweet. They are a great combination. The texture is a little softer then a donut with gluten. All in all I think these are great to have a round for holiday snacks or to bring to a party.  I give these a 7 out of 10.

Baby cake testers say: "Didn't make enough to keep the good flavours coming"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bitsi Cherry Pies

Good Bye Summer, Hello Pie's! I love these bitsi pie pieces. First pie of the season! I was inspired to make these for everyone. To celebrate the opening of fall. The time of year when the cooler it is outside the cozier it is inside. Fall = me in the kitchen baking and some great Charlie Brown movies as the cherry on top.

How it was made:
These were made just like a regular pie but in a cupcake pan. I used Gluten Free Pantry pie dough mix. This seems to be my favorite pie crust of the gluten free so far. I like to make my own pie crusts too but sometimes you just gotta put on a fun apron and skip a few steps.

What it tastes like:
  This tastes like a buttery, flakey, sweet crust with a sweet and ever so slightly tart cherry middle.

I give these a 9 out of 10.

Baby Cake Testers say: Fun to eat, Yummy to the tummy!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites (cookie dough center)

Got Cookies? These are little Cookie Dough Bites. My mom used to make cake and cookies all of the time. She would just wake up and decided that day was going to be a cookie or a cake day. On the cookie days she used to take little bits of cookie dough and pop it in her mouth. So I thought what a better combo then to add the cookie dough to the cake. These are inspired by my mom the sweet tooth queen.

How it was made:
I made a regular yellow cake with chocolate chips added, baked as usual. Then I made chocolate chip cookie dough and baked a few cookies. I cut out the middle of the bites and added cookie dough then put the top back on. I added fluffy white frosting and pieces of chocolate chip cookie to the top.

I was worried how the raw cookie dough would taste gluten free. As all of us gluten free victims know allot of the batter taste like bean flour. But these were so good. The taste wasn't anything close to bean flour. When biting into it you taste the vanilla and the lightness of the cake, you get the slightly heavier, sugary, chocolate chip cookie dough in the center, You taste the light fluffy frosting but it doesn't over take the taste of the dough. Then you taste the fresh baked, delicious chocolate chip cookie sitting on top that's waiting for you!

I give this a 9 out of 10. It wasn't over powering you with sugar. All of the textures where great together. The fact that they were bite sized was perfect for the sugar content. made them just right.

Baby cake testers say: They loved it. Want me to make them again.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big daddy Coco Choco

Happy Birthday Gabriel! This cake is for My brother Gabriel. His birthday is March 10th. Turning 18 deserves a gourmet cupcake.
This cake is made as a regular chocolate cupcake. Except in the huge version :-). The topping is made with a smooth dark chocolate frosting, a light white frosting mixed with coco., german frosting coconut topping. To make it even more gourmet. accessories were added; a pecan, shredded chocolate pieces, and two chocolate sticks.
Hello delicious! This was VERY sweet. I am not much of a frosting fan but if you are this cake may be for you. I am in love with coconut though.
I give this a 8 out of ten.
babycake Testers Say: YUM. The taste was chocolaty and sweet. They would eat it again.

My brother Gabe thinking of how he is going to Eat such a big cupcake.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hazelnut Coffee Littles

What better way to have coffee hour then with a cup of jo and hazelnut coffee littles. These were made for my friend Charlene. She has doesn't have coffee hour she sometimes has coffee day! Who doesn't love coffee?

These were made half the size of a regular cupcake. I took a Gluten free chocolate brownie mix and mixed it as usual. I added a tiny bit more water then asked, fresh brewed  hazelnut coffee and coffee grounds, and hazelnut syrup. All of the extra liquids made the brownie batter into a moist cake mix. I filled the cups half full before baking. For the topping I added hazelnut syrup to whipped white frosting. Then topped with bits of hazelnuts.

These littles were pretty good. Though the hazelnut flavour was prominent I feel the brew should have been allot stronger. I should have gone lighter with the frosting. It felt like there was a bit to much sweetness for me but that is a difference in opinion I guess. It would have been nice to add a light coat of chocolate powder to the top. I would add these to the baby cake menu with these changes. As they were I give these littles a seven out of ten.

Baby cake Testers Say: Brew could have been stronger, could still taste the coffee though. they gave a seven out of ten also.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Polar Bear Snuffs

These are my Polar Bear Snuffs! These are made for my cute niece Alyssa. Her birthday is on the 18th of January. Happy Birthday! My inspiration for her polar bears was the winter snow that falls on her special day.

These snuffs are made with chocolate cake that have chocolate chips hiding inside. I made regular size cupcakes and bite size cupcakes. I frosted them both with butter cream frosting and rolled them in coconut. I then pasted them together with, what else, more frosting. I used small frosted gumdrops for ears, chocolate chips for the eyes, and a piece of muffin top for the nose.

I love the taste. When you bite into this arctic goodness you get a mouthful of moist, melted chocolate chips with a blend of smooth, sweet butter cream and coconut. The whole thing melts in your mouth, while the coconut provides a bit to chew on.

I think this has inspired another baby cake! I give this one a nine out of ten. To make it a ten I would pipe some hot, steamy unicorn poo to create a magically soft, nuggety center as it cools.........