Monday, February 21, 2011

Hazelnut Coffee Littles

What better way to have coffee hour then with a cup of jo and hazelnut coffee littles. These were made for my friend Charlene. She has doesn't have coffee hour she sometimes has coffee day! Who doesn't love coffee?

These were made half the size of a regular cupcake. I took a Gluten free chocolate brownie mix and mixed it as usual. I added a tiny bit more water then asked, fresh brewed  hazelnut coffee and coffee grounds, and hazelnut syrup. All of the extra liquids made the brownie batter into a moist cake mix. I filled the cups half full before baking. For the topping I added hazelnut syrup to whipped white frosting. Then topped with bits of hazelnuts.

These littles were pretty good. Though the hazelnut flavour was prominent I feel the brew should have been allot stronger. I should have gone lighter with the frosting. It felt like there was a bit to much sweetness for me but that is a difference in opinion I guess. It would have been nice to add a light coat of chocolate powder to the top. I would add these to the baby cake menu with these changes. As they were I give these littles a seven out of ten.

Baby cake Testers Say: Brew could have been stronger, could still taste the coffee though. they gave a seven out of ten also.