Friday, January 14, 2011

Polar Bear Snuffs

These are my Polar Bear Snuffs! These are made for my cute niece Alyssa. Her birthday is on the 18th of January. Happy Birthday! My inspiration for her polar bears was the winter snow that falls on her special day.

These snuffs are made with chocolate cake that have chocolate chips hiding inside. I made regular size cupcakes and bite size cupcakes. I frosted them both with butter cream frosting and rolled them in coconut. I then pasted them together with, what else, more frosting. I used small frosted gumdrops for ears, chocolate chips for the eyes, and a piece of muffin top for the nose.

I love the taste. When you bite into this arctic goodness you get a mouthful of moist, melted chocolate chips with a blend of smooth, sweet butter cream and coconut. The whole thing melts in your mouth, while the coconut provides a bit to chew on.

I think this has inspired another baby cake! I give this one a nine out of ten. To make it a ten I would pipe some hot, steamy unicorn poo to create a magically soft, nuggety center as it cools.........