Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Candy Corn Spiders

A family get together project.
Candy Corn Spiders. I had it all figured out. I would take candy corn and put it into the yellow cake batter in little chunks. That way when you bit into it you would not only taste the yummy yellow cake but sweet bites of candy corn. The thought crossed my mind "would the candy corn melt in the process of cooking and if it did wouldn't that taste just as good if it were melted candies in the cakes"? The answer to that is no. This was probably the worse cake I have ever made.

The flavour was sweet vanilla gone plastic. My sister in-law Jasmine helped me to decorate these which was the fun part. The frosting is chocolate. The legs are marzipan with black food coloring. The eyes are marzipan and the teeth are candy corns. This cake may be good to someone who simply likes to lick the frosting off. Other then that this was a flop.

Until next time.

Baby cake Testers Say : ( in process of choking it down)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Funfetti Cakes

Happy birthday my little nephew Lance! He is now Nine years old. I can't believe how time wisps by. His favorite cake is funfetti so I made these fun cakes just for him.

This is a vanilla cake with food coloring added to give it a tye-dye look. The frosting is just a white frosting with funfetti sprinkles topped with a piece of bubblegum.

This cake taste like a regular fun birthday cake. Nothing added except food coloring and sprinkles. Very fun for all kids and grown-ups too. Though simple I had allot of fun making these.

Baby Cake Testers Say: YUMMM, "moist and delicious"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Caramel Apple Cakes

When I think of caramel apples I think of Halloween. My dad, Rick, has me make them for him every year at about this time.  I made these cakes for him. He gets them in cake form for now and on Halloween he'll get the real deal.

This is a vanilla cake with Ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and thick cut green apple all mixed in. The topping is simply cut up fresh green apples and caramel with a lovely stick added for the caramel apple effect.

As I was mixing in the ginger I asked myself if this was a good idea. When I tasted this cake I realized it was. When you bite into it you get the all of the yummy flavours of the spices, just enough ginger to make it almost taste like a spice cake, and a mouth full of slightly baked apple. With that bite you get the tartness of the fresh green apple with the sweet chewy of the caramel. I liked it. I would definitely make these again.I like that it contains no frosting. If the caramel is a bit sweet for some a little could be baked inside and a sprinkle of cinnamon thrown on top.

Baby Cake Testers Say: These were a hit. Everyone loved them and would like me to make more.

Monday, October 11, 2010

In Between

An idea was given to me that people should suggest or come up with babycake ideas for me to create. I thought that was a good idea. though I have ideas of my own I could always use a little help just the same. if you come up with a babycake idea, Strange or pretty normal, I will try and make it.

I have been a little behind on my babycake making but will catch up soon enough. I have come to the realization that making cupcakes isn't to hard but the time, money for ingredients, and the lack of someone to make them for does not help me catch up or inspire me in anyway. I guess inspiration has to come from somewhere. I will continue on my babycake making journey and will pray for more inspiration along the way.

What does one do with so many cakes you ask yourself and I say to you...... I am starting to wonder that myself. Maybe I can make cupcakes to donate. We'll see.

So put your cake papers on and start coming up with ideas for some new creations, Muhahahaha.

What I Hope Babycake Testers Aren't Saying: "Stop making us fat"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

What is a better way to celebrate the month of October then to go to a pumpkin patch? That's where some of my family and I go as a tradition. So these cakes are for my family: Brandee, little Lance, and Alyssa. Yep we take the hay ride, pick out some pumpkins, ride some fun kiddy rides and shop for the veggies. It's always fun to look forward to every year. Plus the smell of nutmeg reminds me of Brandee because of the pumpkin soup we tried to make a few years back and failed at doing so. Lets just say baked in the pumpkin and loads of nutmeg...... everywhere.

Brandee was just talking about how she loves this time of year because of the pumpkin, chocolate chip cookies. I thought what a good idea for a cupcake. That is what I put in these babies. This is a vanilla cake with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate chips. The topping is made with cream cheese frosting rolled in orange sugar, decorated with a chocolate chip and more frosting.

The taste needed to be a bit more pumpkiny. I think if I had used pumpkin pie spice it would have done the trick. The cakes are good just the same. When you bite into them they are moist, you taste the pumpkin then the cinnamon, you get a soft crunch of chocolate chips, and a small taste of nutmeg. The frosting wasn't my favorite for this cake. I would have preferred something that complimented the pumpkin flavour more like....... less sugar and a little more cream cheese flavour. Either way a little tweaking and these are going from good to great.

Baby Cake Testers Say: These were good but not great, could of used more pumpkin flavour. Very moist though.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

French Toasties

French Toasties! These are for my brother Gabriel. That guy can eat french toast for every meal.

This is a white cake with cinnamon and maple extract added. The frosting is butter cream with a hint of maple extract and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

The taste is very breakfast like. When biting in you taste the maple and cinnamon and butter cream together. The taste is very delicious. I was thinking of adding a bit of maple syrup to the middle but didn't want the maple flavour too strong.

I like these, kind of refreshing in a strange way. makes me want to get up have a french tostie and a glass of orange juice.

Baby Cake Testers Say: These are good. Very breakfasty. Some say these taste similar to french toast some say these reminded them more of gingerbread. Those who said that said I should ease up on cinnamon and add more vanilla. Either they all liked them.