Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Candy Corn Spiders

A family get together project.
Candy Corn Spiders. I had it all figured out. I would take candy corn and put it into the yellow cake batter in little chunks. That way when you bit into it you would not only taste the yummy yellow cake but sweet bites of candy corn. The thought crossed my mind "would the candy corn melt in the process of cooking and if it did wouldn't that taste just as good if it were melted candies in the cakes"? The answer to that is no. This was probably the worse cake I have ever made.

The flavour was sweet vanilla gone plastic. My sister in-law Jasmine helped me to decorate these which was the fun part. The frosting is chocolate. The legs are marzipan with black food coloring. The eyes are marzipan and the teeth are candy corns. This cake may be good to someone who simply likes to lick the frosting off. Other then that this was a flop.

Until next time.

Baby cake Testers Say : ( in process of choking it down)

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  1. OH NO!! Candy corn has wax in it. Hard to believe but it does. Sorry it didn't turn out. Looks Really CUTE anyway!