Monday, October 11, 2010

In Between

An idea was given to me that people should suggest or come up with babycake ideas for me to create. I thought that was a good idea. though I have ideas of my own I could always use a little help just the same. if you come up with a babycake idea, Strange or pretty normal, I will try and make it.

I have been a little behind on my babycake making but will catch up soon enough. I have come to the realization that making cupcakes isn't to hard but the time, money for ingredients, and the lack of someone to make them for does not help me catch up or inspire me in anyway. I guess inspiration has to come from somewhere. I will continue on my babycake making journey and will pray for more inspiration along the way.

What does one do with so many cakes you ask yourself and I say to you...... I am starting to wonder that myself. Maybe I can make cupcakes to donate. We'll see.

So put your cake papers on and start coming up with ideas for some new creations, Muhahahaha.

What I Hope Babycake Testers Aren't Saying: "Stop making us fat"


  1. Try Orange strawberry cupcakes. maybe with a little slice of fresh orange and strawberry on top, i know how you like to use fresh garnish.

  2. Yeah this sounds great. I will try it! Thanks