Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rootbeer Float Cakes

 My brothers and I were sitting at the soda shop drinking rootbeer floats when I ask the boys a question and get the funniest response from my brother Jaden. I thought that was so funny I have never forgotten it. So now when I go for root beer floats I always remember that time Jaden made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. These cakes remind me of my brother Jaden. It's his birthday today! We are going to enjoy these tasty floats with him for his birthday.

These are great! I added root beer instead of water along with root beer extract into the yellow cake batter. For the topping I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream and little dabs of cream cheese frosting with root beer drizzle. I made the root beer drizzle with sugar icing, root beer extract, butter, and milk.

I love the taste. It's like I imagined it to be. When you bite into it you get the taste of the root beer in the moist cake and the lovely flavour and chill of the vanilla ice cream. You get a bite of the frosting with the root beer drizzle on top. it's like a root beer float gone cupcake.

These are defiantly going to be added to the Baby Cake Menu. I give these an eight out of ten.

Baby Cake Testers Say: (in process of testing)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chocolate Monkey (Chunky Monkey cupcakes)

Chocolate and banana! Great combo for me. I remember when I would visit my Aunt Pam she would love to eat the ice cream Chunky Monkey and  because of that these remind me of her. Although these do not have nuts they can easily be sprinkled on the top or added in the batter.

This is a dark chocolate cake with chocolate chips, and a ripened banana mixed in. I whipped up a homemade banana cream to pipe in the middle (yum). The topping is dark chocolate fudge with a fresh cut banana slice.

I like the taste, although, I feel the banana  needs to be a little stronger. If I use a small amount of banana extract along with real banana I think the flavour would be as I imagine it to be. The dark chocolate taste great with the banana flavour. The cake was very moist. To bite in and find it stuffed full of banana cream was my favorite part. These are a great one to add to the Baby Cake menu. 

Baby Cake Testers Say: Really like this one, liked the banana cream in the middle and the dark chocolate.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sport Cakes

Sport cakes! These cakes are for My nephew Leon. It was his first birthday yesterday. The theme as you can see was sports. These were really fun and frustrating to make. I consider my work amateur. I didn't have the right tools to make these look the way I wanted them to. Just goes to show me great tools are just as important as great ingredients.

This is (my fave) chocolate cake with chocolate chips. The frosting is just a simple white frosting. Food coloring added to some to make desired look. The taste was chocolaty and yummy.

I hope everyone enjoyed these cakes for little Leon. Happy Birthday.

Baby Cake Testers Say: They like the idea of the sports themed cakes. They were good.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes

Thanks for waiting so long for week four to end! These are chocolate strawberry shortcakes. Yet another cake added to the baby cake menu. These are tasty. These remind me of our family friend Alicia. We were speaking of cupcakes when I had learned of her love for strawberries. I was thinking of making the traditional shortcake into a cupcake when I realized that chocolate would be a bit more scrumptious.

I had the idea down but had seen a lady on The Food Network channel set up her cupcake in this way. As you can see I loved it and decided to do the same. I was going to take apart another cake to set on top but instead cut the top off and inserted the goods.

This is a chocolate cake mixed with chocolate chips and crushed strawberries. I then cut the top off and pipped in whipping cream having it spill out onto the rest of the cake. I then added freshly cut strawberries and put the cake top back on. I sprinkled on some powdered sugar, pipped on a dab more whipping cream then added a few more pieces of strawberry.

 The smell of fresh strawberries and whipped cream add to the enjoyment of the bite. The chocolate cake was very moist and had a hint of strawberry flavour, in the actual cake. The whipped cream wasn't to heavy and the bursting flavour of the freshly cut strawberry was delicious.

I have found that working with chocolate is allot easier then trying to figure out the white cakes in the Gluten free world. I will definitely make these again.

Baby Cake Testers Say: Cake nice and moist. Liked the whipped cream and lots of fresh strawberries. Good combo.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chocolate Raspberry Bites

 My friend Elizabeth gave birth to an 8 pound baby boy and needed help along the way. Everyone's Healthy, doing great and is as happy as can be. 

I love the way these cakes look. These cakes are for new baby Helo (Hee-Low). These are bite sized cakes made with moist chocolate and a spoonful of crushed raspberries. The frosting is a cream cheese base, also mixed with crushed raspberries. Topped with a fresh raspberry.

These are so good. I wish I was there to share these with everyone. When you bite into these little minis they are moist, chocolaty, sweet, and tart.  Perfect together to make one delicious taste. The raw raspberry adds to a mouth full of refreshment.  

I am defiantly going to add these to the Baby Cake menu.

Baby cake testers say: Cake was moist and chocolaty. Raspberry flavour was refreshing

Monday, September 6, 2010

Balloon Cupcakes

These Balloon cupcakes are for my niece Lillian. It was her 2nd birthday! I had fun making these with my friend Charlene. These were made mainly for the looks. They were made of yellow cake. The frosting is a butter and sugar icing mixed with  coloring.  To make the part where the balloon ties we cut a wheat free graham cracker into a triangle and topped with frosting. We then cut string and put it under each cake. The party was full of fun!
Babycake testers say: These were good but nothing special. The vanilla cake was alright. Need to work on keeping it fluffy and less dense

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dr. Pepper Cakes

This week we have Dr. Pepper cupcakes. These cakes are for my brother P.j., he's a Dr. Pepper fan. I thought it would be fun to make some cakes with sodapop.

The cake is made of chocolate and chocolate chips. I added Dr.Pepper to the batter  in place of almost half the milk. I warmed the soda in a pan then mixed ingredients together. The topping is made like a regular white frosting with a dribble of soda and topped off with red glitter.

The flavour is very good. Moist chocolate with a sweet topping. The only problem is you can barely taste the Dr. Pepper in the cake. Its a good slight Dr. Pepper taste if that's what you are looking for. I was looking for a strong Dr. Pepper flavour. Though this is a good recipe for yummy chocolate cake I need to sit down and redo the Dr.Pepper recipe to create the flavour I desired, allot more of the Dr. Pepper taste. 

Baby Cake Testers say: It was a mixed crowed. Some loved it with the slight Dr.Pepper taste and some thought it was a bit sweet.