Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chocolate Monkey (Chunky Monkey cupcakes)

Chocolate and banana! Great combo for me. I remember when I would visit my Aunt Pam she would love to eat the ice cream Chunky Monkey and  because of that these remind me of her. Although these do not have nuts they can easily be sprinkled on the top or added in the batter.

This is a dark chocolate cake with chocolate chips, and a ripened banana mixed in. I whipped up a homemade banana cream to pipe in the middle (yum). The topping is dark chocolate fudge with a fresh cut banana slice.

I like the taste, although, I feel the banana  needs to be a little stronger. If I use a small amount of banana extract along with real banana I think the flavour would be as I imagine it to be. The dark chocolate taste great with the banana flavour. The cake was very moist. To bite in and find it stuffed full of banana cream was my favorite part. These are a great one to add to the Baby Cake menu. 

Baby Cake Testers Say: Really like this one, liked the banana cream in the middle and the dark chocolate.

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  1. Ooooo! Those look amazing! Love how you use fresh fruit.