Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big daddy Coco Choco

Happy Birthday Gabriel! This cake is for My brother Gabriel. His birthday is March 10th. Turning 18 deserves a gourmet cupcake.
This cake is made as a regular chocolate cupcake. Except in the huge version :-). The topping is made with a smooth dark chocolate frosting, a light white frosting mixed with coco., german frosting coconut topping. To make it even more gourmet. accessories were added; a pecan, shredded chocolate pieces, and two chocolate sticks.
Hello delicious! This was VERY sweet. I am not much of a frosting fan but if you are this cake may be for you. I am in love with coconut though.
I give this a 8 out of ten.
babycake Testers Say: YUM. The taste was chocolaty and sweet. They would eat it again.

My brother Gabe thinking of how he is going to Eat such a big cupcake.

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