Thursday, August 19, 2010

First day: Vanilla cupcake

Welcome to my cupcake blog. This is my first. So I guess you can say I was a  cupcake blogging virgin until today. I hope I do well.

1. The tough, viscid, nitrogenous substance remaining when the flour of wheat or other grain is washed to remove the starch.
2. Archaic .Glue or gluey substance.

I am a 29 (now 30) year old woman with a baby and a husband just trying to live like a normal person; at least when it comes to food. I and my family, and I'm sure a two handful's of others, have a gluten allergy. To find a fresh gluten free cupcake, that hasn't been frozen for a decade, can feel imposable.  Especially in a small town. I don't know about all of you other non-gluten's but I'm tired of bringing my own cupcake to a wedding but in case you need to I hope to one day have my own shoppe that you can stop at along the way but for now if you need an order for a party, special days or just because just email me at ( I live in the northwest)

I also make cupcake/cookie kits that include:
*frosting ready to pipe
*Cake mix (just add the wet ingrediants)
*filling if you chose to have a filling
*cupake papers
*instructions on how to bake and decorate

These also make great gifts!

I am going to experimant and make many different varieties. from the way they taste to the way they look. I am giving myself a lifetime to perfect my gluten free cupcakes by trying as many flavours and decor as I can. I am also going to try other things

Starting tonight....... I'll snap a picture of my first and post it as soon as it's done.
Here's to eating like everyone else

This was a simple yllow cake.
Baby cake Testers say: This cake felt a little too heavy for a cupcake and needed to be sweeter.

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