Saturday, August 21, 2010

S'more Baby Cakes Please

Okay Here it is. Good ole man cupcakes! My husband asked me to make some for his work today but when I was working on them last night I realized that the picture I had in my mind of these babies was not reality. I tried to put the mallows on like frosting but before my eyes it melted right off. I put them in the refrigerate hoping that the chill would help keep it set. Nope not the case. This morning when I went to check on my S'more cupcake the marshmallow had slowly worked its way down the sides. I had a marshmallow ball.

As you can see I finally had an idea that worked. I actually like them better than what I had in mind. They are more camp like this way. I would have preferred the cake paper to be dark brown but could not find what I was looking for so I used what I already had.

I am trying to come up with  baby cakes that remind me of people. These cakes remind me of my husband. He's an outdoorsmen.

This is a chocolate cake with dark chocolate chips and white chips baked inside. For the topping I cut marshmallows and smashed graham crackers mixed them together and placed them on top. I then placed them in the oven that I had previously put on broil. I also brought the rack up to its highest, then placed the cakes in the oven until the mellow browned. I then placed melted pieces of chocolate on top and sprinkled on a little more cracker.

The Taste is pretty sweet but really good. I think one would be suffice for anyone.

Baby Cakes Tersters say: They liked this one. It was moist didn't fall apart, Had a yummy taste.

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  1. oooo those look great! and Totally makes me think of roasting marshmallows around a campfire.