Friday, January 6, 2012

Moustacherifics (Mustash-er-ifics)

Ahh the ever loved Charlie Chaplin and his famed Stache!

Happy New Year
Who they were made for:
These Moustacherifics were made for me! I have always wanted to have a moustache party and with the help of my friend Charlene ( we made it happen. We all added a fun stache to our dillied up hairdos and laughed the night away into the new year. Sick and all.

The cake was made:
 By Charlene -yeah she did all the actual hard work :-). She used the boxed white cake mix (followed instructions) then topped it off with a white whipped frosting. These are actually not gluten free but can easily be made Gluten free with just a regular cake of your favourite flavour. I would recommend a white frosting to make the moustaches stand out.
The topping:
Then I got to do the fun part and add the moustaches with black glitter gel that we picked up at our local Safeway. I tried my best to make them look like all sorts of cartoon moustaches.

Supplies needed for a moustache party:
*Black plates and napkins
*Moustache decorated cupcakes
*Fake stick on Mustaches (got ours at Urban outfitters)
*you can make paper staches tape or glue them to a stick and hold it up.
*We decorated white cups with a black felt tip marker
and drew on a few staches
*Any decor in black and white

To help give it a vintage feel:
you can dress as an old barber
dress as a vintage carnie
Add red stripes to your black and white decor
make sure your mustaches are vintage in shape (handle bar, Chaplin, etc.)

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