Sunday, November 11, 2012

Brain cupcakes

Happy Halloween!!
Brains!! Brains!!
For all hallows eve try some tasty meat,
Brains, brains a  sweet delicious treat....
How these creepies are Made:
3 cups of Pumpkin guts
1 scoop of candy corn poo
2 small pops of green witches drops
4 big balls of spider crawls
8 drains of zombie brains
A few toddies of live spider bodies
Mix together in a witches cauldron until smooth and bubbly.
Poor batter into 12 shrunken head skulls. Bake in a body oven til nice and golden.
Top with zombie brains and live spider bodies.
The frosting you can make with a very small drop of red food colouring to turn it pink.
You pipe a line down the middle then squiggle a line down the side. Repeat in the opposite direction. 
This was actually a regular yellow cake (boxed) that I added raspberry preserves into. Then just added the frosting as usual.

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