Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Deviled Eggs (Peepers)

 Made for:
Peeeeepers! What a great way to change up the traditional deviled eggs on Easter. These are made for my family for Easter dinner. I wanted to so something just a little different.

How it's made:
These are mixed up just like you were making regular Deviled eggs:
Pickle relish (optional)
A Few olives
a carrot

Boil Eggs. Cut tips of eggs off. Then carefully scoop out yolk into a bowl. Mix mayo,mustard, relish, salt, and pepper together to taste and until pretty smooth then set aside.  Cut out small eyes from the olives (pieces). Cut out Tiny thin carrot shaped noses from the carrot.

Put yolk mixture into a plastic baggie then cut a small hole into the corner. Big enough to pipe yolk mixture. Pipe yolk mixture into the eggs until over flowing (making the chicks head). Add the olive eyes and carrot nose. Place the tops of the egg crooked on top to make it look as though they are peeking out.  I would add some romaine lettuce leaves (or something along those lines) to the plate to help them stand up. Vwa-La! you have peepers.

I saw this picture on Pinterest and thought it so cute I had to try. I should have sculpted there faces a bit better but all was well in the end.

How they taste:
Just like a baby chicken... Just kidding. Just like a deviled egg :-). Yummy in my tummy.

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